This Historical Moment

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Neoliberalism has destroyed what exists leaving a blank, a clearing, a new space.

In a sense we can say we have entered a moment where it is possible to re-imagine art again for the 1st time in 200 years

How do we meet this challenge?

We can pose the question another way “If you were offered the opportunity to shape art and thinking would you take up the challenge?”

Is it possible to coordinate a situation where cultures and peoples meet to exchange ideas to contest existing thinking and positions to reshape  centres of cultural power?


This opening is where art and thinking starts again





This is stage one in developing a project, whose extent and breadth will develop and become apparent over time.


What are the issues that require to be looked at, who is interested in engaging and exchanging ideas and what form should this exchange take?



A series of introductions to This Historical Moment through developing a non-visual practice 



What is a non-visual practice?


How do we discuss, analyse and break with neoliberalism from within neoliberalism?


What is a Participating Culture?




5 Years Gallery, London, UK

Sunday 27th May 4-5 pm



*Material on the event will be published in a 5 Year publication later in the year


Tate Liverpool Exchange

Saturday August 4th, 2 pm


What is a participating Culture?


Details to follow


Tour of North England

Details to follow



For further information, dates and names of venues,  ideas for engaging with the concept and joining a debate, and suggestions for  responding  to the material, please look through the material below

Generic text


Invitation to contributors



Contribution to the material

The start of any contribution and contact should be in the form of statements and diagrams on local newspapers




Then statements from different contributions will be extracted to make something similar to Luthers 95 thesis



From this beginning other forms are planned, for instance


How do we translate these ideas into a way of living for a place and setting for experimental living?

David Goldenberg visiting Uddebo


Realising ideas in the village of Uddebo, Sweden



Please email material or enquiries to David Goldenberg on

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