May 2018


David Goldenberg Education  MA Art & Architecture, KIAD, UK  BA (Hons) Fine art painting, Wimbledon school of art, UK  Foundation course, St Albans School of art, UK  One person shows   2020  June Outposts instagram project  2019  November America is the best form of Marxism, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury, Kent, UK 

Five Years publications: Public series no.8. vol 1-3. Being together is not enough Words & Pictures. A draft. 5 October – 13 October 2019 Saturday – Sunday 12 – 6pm — Dear_ Five Years draws to a close the call-for-proposals project: Being Together is not Enough. As outlined… this is an open project that aimed to support and examine the ideas of anyone interested in setting up groups. Anyone who already organised together and who wanted to share work practices and experience. Or simply. Anyone who wanted to declare and engage on issues. It’s a sprawling thing that now finds those who participated last year contributing further to a printed publication. As agreed. All editorial responsibility, control and copyright are entirely the authors. The publication will be presented at Five Years (5-13 October 2019) in draft format to go through the process of proofing for final publication (TBC). We therefore, invite everyone who contributed to formally [1] or informally [2] talk about their contributions in the space at Five Years: To read, discuss, contest, edit. Together with a public. All welcome. Edward Dorrian (Five Years) A series of timetabled Reading/discussion events to coincide with the draft publication at Five Years (5-13 October 2019) Please see the timetable of events, performances and discussions. Anyone who wants to just turn up at Five Years (5-13 October Sat-Sun 12-6 pm) and go through the pages… Please do. —– Saturday 5 October 2019 12-1 pm Latinos Creative Society: Manifesto 3-4 pm David Goldenberg: This Historic Moment: Route out of our Cultural desert An event and publication This event continues mining the implication of Neoliberalism destruction and the cultural desert left in its wake, examining practices capable of registering and engaging this environment through developing a new language of art, practices and concepts that we work towards. 1. Institutional critique of total power. 1 hr slide show of screen shots. 2014-. The Iraqi war, Egyptian military coup. Rise of the new right, secrecy, attacks against civil liberties, censorship and corruption, financialisation of art, structuring and linking material together. 2. Text/diagram: What is this Historic Moment? A new language of art. 2019 New Geographies Tax havens, Migrated colonial Archives, UBS Global project with the Guggenheim 5-6 pm: Lucia Farinati From transcription to transduction: the voice of Joseph Beuys in Audio Arts (revisited), a live audio essay performed by Lucia Farinati. – 3-4pm: Patrick Loan: Bryan Parsons and Oliver Cloke: The Hour (Record) – 12-4pm: Michael Curran and Joe Walsh This Historic Moment

A new text on The New language of Art is to appear in a new book on current Art Date to be announced soon Autumn 2019/2020 This Historic Moment Lecture USA Granulation Pt 8 The topic of the fourth edition of FMAV due to be in Tangier Morocco from 16

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