October 2014 Utopia School, Flux factory and Basekamp, New York, NY, USA


My text Between Heresy and Revolution has just been printed in the new edition of the Pavilion Journal


NOW&HERE = EVERYWHERE is an international Quantum Filmmaking project, participatory mobile phone cinema, celebrating cultural diversity, in which you can collaborate with your mobile phone. 

In the project, the participating artists co-create simultaneous video-collage moments by filming in different locations of Planet Earth, choreographically, at the same time.

The aim is to merge art with everyday life, exploring and expanding the notion of contemporary art, inside and beyond the institutions.

We are delighted to announce that MOMENT 9 will be taking place on:

Saturday 7 June 2014 at 13:00 Bst (London Time)

Mobile Biennale 1: The Tour of Oltenia in 7 days
28.07 – 03.08 2014

A project Mobile Biennale 1– The Tour of Oltenia in 7 Days, that will take place between the 28th of July and the 3rd of August 2014, the following participants have been selected:

Mihai Barabancea (b. 1983) graduated the Photo-Video department of the National Art University of
Bucharest. His projects in the field of photography focus on subjects such as: the socially excluded
communities and the values of today’s society in relation to its ”margins” – for instance old and lonely
people, homeless children or people with disabilities. The exhibitions he participated in include: 2013 –
While the glory of the world fades away, Spațiul Platforma, MNAC Anexa, Bucharest; Barabancea & Borduz,
Calina Gallery.Space for Contemporary Art, Timișoara;

Anetta Mona Chisa (b. 1975) works together with Lucia Tkáčová starting with the year 2000 and lives in
Prague and Berlin. The artistic duo Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkáčová represented Romania at the Venice
Biennale, the 54th edition, in 2011, and participated in numerous exhibitions, among which we cite: 2013 –
a Lack, A touch, an aTavisM, a notiCe, Hit gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia (solo); The Second Lore, CUAC -
contemporary art, Salt Lake City, United States; Minimal Compact, Christine Koenig gallery, Vienna, Austria; 2012 – Either Way, We Lose, Sorry we’re closed, Brussels, Belgium (solo); 2011 – Material Culture / Things in our Hands, Christine Koenig Gallery, Vienna, Austria (solo), The Global Contemporary, ZKM / Museum fue Neue Kunst, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield is artist-philosopher and Professor of Theory and Philosophy of Art. Author of
books ‘Cryptochromism’ (2009) and ‘Materiality of Theory’ (2011); and of numerous book chapters, journal articles and catalogue essays. International Editorial Board of ‘Art & Research: A Journal of Ideas, Contexts, and Methods’. Have given numerous performative readings in gallery and museum spaces. Collaborator with artists Ian Kiaer, Gregory Maass, Benoit Maire, Haroon Mirza, and Trine Marie Riel. Curator with Amanda Wilkinson, Wilkinson Gallery London, of a number of exhibitions and projects. Founding Executive Board member of Jan van Eyck Alumni Association.

David Goldenberg (b. 1956) is a London based artist. In 2014 he will publish a book of recent texts and
projects examining “Post Autonomy“. He was exhibited in The Caspian Biennial Convention; collateral
exhibition at Venice Biennial, 2013; 1st Land Art Biennial of Mongolia; 10th Istanbul Biennial; ICA
Philadelphia; Shedhalle, Zurich; 6th Sharjah Biennial; Tate Modern; ICA London, UK and many more.
Between 2010 and 2011 he produced 10 programs for Resonance FM radio examining Post Autonomy. He
lives and works in London.

Delia Popa (b.1980, Bucharest) studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Goldsmiths
College, University of London. Her most recent exhibitions include: 2013 – Anca Munteanu Rîmnic and Delia Popa, Salonul de proiecte, Anexa MNAC, Bucharest; Good Girls: Memory/Desire/Power, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, 2012 – Chelen Amenca (with Ellen Rothenberg), Contemporary Art Gallery, Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu, 2011 – The Blind Men and the Elephant, Video-Screening (with Diana Sandor), Raum für Projektion, General Public, Berlin, Germany
Raluca Popa (b. 1979) earned her MA in Fine Art from Byam Shaw, Central Saint Martins College of art &
Design, UAL and graduated The Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca. Her most recent exhibitions are:
2014 – And Yet There Was Art!, Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria, 2012 – What We Destroy and Celebrate at the Same Time, Salonul de Proiecte, MNAC Anexa, Bucharest; O Que Acontece Depois, Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, Portugal, 2011 – Crossover, Central Saint Martins, London, UK; Glory Hole, Elthorne Road, Archway, London, UK; 013, Concourse Gallery, Archway, London, UK.

Kate Sutton (born 1982) is an art critic and curator. Studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and
Standford University. Since 2008, has worked as the Associate Curator of BAIBAKOV art projects in Moscow, colllaborates with various cultural institutions like Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, Moscow, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg. Contributs regularly to Art Forum, among other publications. In 2013, was awarded a Creative Capital Arts Writers Grant from the Warhol Foundation.


Mobile Biennale 1

Vitamins Complex 9

Participants: Mihai Barabancea (RO), Adrian Bojenoiu (RO), Andreea Buțincu (RO), Giovanni Carmine (CH), Anetta Mona Chisa (CZ), Vlad Drăgulescu (RO), Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield (UK), Andrei Dinescu (RO), Bogdan Ghiu (RO), David Goldenberg (UK), Timo Grimberg (DE), Nicu Ilfoveanu (RO), Juste Jonutyte (LT), Daniel Knorr (DE), Petru Lucaci (RO), Diana Marincu (RO), Adina Mocanu (RO), Alexandru Neagu (RO), Alexandru Niculescu (RO), Adrian Notz (CH), Daniela Pălimariu (RO), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Lia Perjovschi (RO), Mihai Pop (RO), Delia Popa (RO), Raluca Popa (RO), Cristian Răduță (RO), Alexandra Sand (RO), Kate Sutton (SUA), Thomas Tsang (HK), Raluca Velisar (RO), Dan Vezentan (RO)

Artists’ Portfolios Presentation

Monday, 28 July, 9.30 pm
Fluvial Station, Cetate Port

Dear Friends,
The presentation of international and Romanian participants at the first edition of the Mobile Biennale „The Tour of Oltenia in 7 Days” will take place on Monday, 28 July, at 9 pm, in Cetate Port (port on the Danube river, Cetate commune, Dolj county.

With many representatives of different contemporary art institutional areas and of different artistic behaviours, the event is based on information and details. Its aim is to present the coordinates of an artistic microclimate which is to develop and grow during the follwing seven days and where the participants’ reactions (both individual and group attitudes) towards the environment reveal the actions they perform within the space of an artistic work.

The Mobile Biennale is an opera in which mobility and interaction develop in a previously determined space or territory. The coagulant element of the mobile biennale concept consists in its mobility. Perceived as materiality, the mobility gains its shape according to the space-time coordinates that appoints it, while the content is generated by the participants’ interaction and disparity which establish a relationship to the world.

The project is supported by ERSTE Foundation

The main partner is „Craiova – Cultural Capital of Europe in 2021” Association



16th August, residency, Macedonia

Reviews, talks, articles

A new edited version of my text Between Revolution and Heresy is to be published in Pavilions Reader as part of the Bucharest Biennial in May.


7 pm, 9th April – Lecture by David Goldenberg on recent work at Varg e vi – center for contemporary art, Gjilan, Kosovo.

Poster f

Documentary Portrait shot beneath Title of the show

Further info will follow shortly



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Material on the show in Venice and Baku can now be found in the edition of ARI 2


Please click on link below to listen to my lecture at Pavilion


A free pdf guide to my installation is now available for free. If you are interested in receiving a copy please send your email address to David Goldenberg
New video has just been published on the action in Venice, 2013
Publication  on  projects and texts  2000 – 2013, and the permanent display of archival material on my work from the late 1990′s – 2012 – including catalogues, magazines, books and  installation documentation –  in the Art school of Zurich library donated by the Curating degree zero project, a project that toured to 17  major venues around Europe, USA and the far East between 2003 – 08.
Please click on link below to see video of World in a box – a bitter sweet salon – Film
A new text has just been published by slashseconds 14 ––goldenberg–amp–i–pioaru/
To  view Pdf of Venice Biennial catalogue click on



New Book Plausible artworlds published by Baskamp. Published March 2013.  Includes images of recent post autonomy projects and interview by David Goldenberg



Our recent books and other texts can now be seen at The Townhouse, Cairo, Egypt

The Digital Resource Library is a collection of readings, publications and surveys written on the
developments in e-book production. This parallel line of book making consequently drives publishers,
authors and readers into a new culture of disseminating and absorbing information.A selection of e – books inviting the public to experience artists’ and writer’s experimentations with this multimedia platform will also be on display in The Digital Resource Library space. This collection will remain a permanent and growing section of Townhouse’s Library Space, as an accessible center for information, collaboration and public contribution.
The library will be open to the public as of March 16, 2014.
… عن انتاج و نشر و قراءة الكتب الرقميةمكتبة المورد الرقمي هي مجموعة من القراءات، المطبوعاتو الدراسات المكتوبة عن التطورات في مجال انتاج الكتبالإلكترونية، مما يجذب الناشرين، الكُتاب و القراء إلى ثقافةجديدة لتناول و تلقي المعلومات.ستتضمن المكتبة مجموعة مختارة من الكتب الإلكترونيةتدعو العامة لخوض التجربة التي قام بها الفنان و الكاتبمع هذه المنصة متعددة الوسائط. ستشغل هذه المجموعة
قسماً دائماًو متزايداً في مكتبة تاون هاوس ليكون مركزاًمتاحاً للمعلومات و التعاون و المشاركة العامة.سوف تفتتح المكتبة للعامة من يوم 16 م٢٠١٤ .مشروع تعاون بين دينا كفافي و جاليري تاون هاوس)القاهرة(، شبكة الخدمات الاعلامية الدولية لحقوقالانسان )السويد(، برلينربول شبكة الفنون + أرشيفالمحمول )برلين( بمشاركة آرت ترانسبوندر )برلين(.يقام هذا المشروع كجزء من برنامج معهد جوتهفي إطار شراكة التحول الألمانية المصرية التونسيةو التي يدعمها مكتب العلاقات الخارجية لجمهوريةألمانيا الاتحادي.لمزيد من المعلومات و للحصول على جدول الفعالياتيرجة متابعتنا على: digitalresourcelibrary
في حالة وجود أسئلة يرجى الكتابة إلى
تاون هاوس | ١٠ شارع النبراوي متفرع من شارع شمبليون | وسط البلد | القاهرة
A project of Dina Kafafi in collaboration with Townhouse (Cairo), International Media Network
Services for Human Rights (Sweden), berlinerpool arts network+mobile archive (Berlin) in cooperation with arttransponder (Berlin). This project falls within the frame of the Goethe
Institut’s German-Egyptian-Tunisian Transformation Partnership, sponsored by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.
For news and schedule of events follow us
For further queries email:

Lecture at Pavilion1463713_795292577164384_673823409_n
In search of Post Autonomy
Dec 1st, 2013 – The World  in a box [a bitter sweet Salon] pop up  group exhibition of 60 artists, curated by Peter Fillingham, Margate, Kent, UK
The Transformation of Art 2 - Shift in cultural power

October 2013 Caspian Sea Biennial Convention, Baku, Azerbaijan October 5th – 10th Artists

Back to Future | Beuys, Castella, Chiari, Joffe, Goldenberg, Guidi, Marrapodi, Mittica 



DSC00087     The Transformation of art - 100 panels        In search of Post Autonomy       P1120389  View of Container image     Participating Cultures wall - printed text and hand written texts        Participating cultures - screen + text in chalk on wall       route Detail from the Transformation of Art installation map, ship details and panelstext and map of veniceAnother view of the Container port image showing its scaleDocumenta visualisation venice_print_final








The Scenarios of Post Autonomy


David Goldenberg in discussion during the opening of the show

In Search of Post Autonomy

New video on the performance in Milan published by Artribune TV

la mostra personale di David Goldenberg, The Scenarios of Post Autonomy alla galleria Glenda Cinquegrana: The Studio dal 18 settembre al 18 ottobre 2012 vista dalle telecamere del programma ARTV del canale CLASS CNBC.

A broadcast on the show goes out on  Saturday the 6th of October on Class Cnbc






Texts & Scripts, A short History of Post Autonomy, MD 1,2 & 3

“Mobile Documenta”

in collaboration with Ioana Pioaru

Towards A Topology of Post Autonomy – a new visualisation by Ioana Pioaru of a note book by David Goldenberg produced in 2009

Mobile Documenta 1,2 & 3 – collected small catalogues, texts and images from 3 shows 2009 – 2011

A short history of Post Autonomy – this includes a brief history of the the term and sources for Post Autonomy 1970′s to 2010, and a chronology of projects examining Post Autonomy from 1999 – 2012

Texts and scripts – recent texts 2007 – 2012 – material produced since the Istanbul Biennial in 2007, texts for the Mongolian Biennial 2010, Conference in Baku in 2011, Conference at the Arts depot, Vienna, Austria, in 2010 and an unpublished text for an unrealised project in India in 2009/10.






 Visualization of a 2009 notebook “Towards a Topology of Post Autonomy

The Transformation of Art

Which contains a selection of 24 colour A4 digital images of floor texts and drawings from the Vanabbemuseum 2009 and ITS-1 Belgrade 2010, Boxed with embossed title

Mobile Documenta

Collected booklets and book with CD and installation shots and posters, boxed with embossed title

Installation shots from glenda-cinquegrana-the-studio-milan

Visualising Post Autonomy as a discourse on Globalisation, Colonisations and Biennials 

Testing out claims made about art

Tracing a route towards thinking and language through resoving the inherent contradictions at the heart of Modernism i.e. A Euro centric tradition


Assembling an idea of a Mobile Documenta using containers as Pavilions












The scenarios of Post Autonomy 2

Using the exhibition as a backdrop for thinking + floor drawings and discussions




in search of PA


intuitive map of palazzo isimbardi

global map


Performance – In Search of Post Autonomy

Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan, November 25th 2012


Post Autonomy within Post Autonomy

New article on Post Autonomy in Ari