Art works to wear at openings, 1994, London, Germany and New York,

Coming up for air, 1994, curated by Henry Obuabang, Agency Gallery and Milch, London, UK 

With Tacita Dean 

Sarah Statons Superstore, 1994, Laurie Genillard, London, UK 

With Merlin Carpenter, Stephen Willats, Andrea Zittel, Karen Kilimnik, Rosemary Trockel, Jenny Holzer, Nils Norman, Martin Creed, Maurizio Cattelan, Georg Herald, Mike Kelly, Renee Green, Jeff Koons, Raymond Pettibon, Hillary Lloyd, Lilly van der Stokker, Art club 2000, Nicola Tyson, Mark Wallinger 

Sei Dabei,  1994, “September news“, concept by weltbekannt e.V. /Kiosk and Rita Baukrowitz and Karin Guntier, Hamburg, Germany (Cat) 

With Max Frazee, Cheap Art, Testing the Limits, Allied Productions, David Thorne, John Bock, Christian Jankowski, Innen, Neid, Freidensallee 12, PBK, Walid Raad 

Giftland 3, curated by Max Shumann, Printed Matter, New York, NY, USA 

Milch Gallery, Charring Cross Road, London, UK
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