Collision. Breaking the Colonial mind, thinking and acts. Examining options available today “to engage or leave”. Art as a critique of Colonial, Capitalist and Neoliberal conditions or exodus from these conditions into a new space. 2020 –
Screen Captures . Critique of Total Power, The role of art as an understanding of Neoliberal lived reality as a totality. Plotting the coming into existence of the new Neoliberal reality and subject – 2013 – Lille, Bodrum, 51zero 2019
Aesthetic of Post Autonomy, Cultural forms to embody thinking, examining different materials, scale, platforms. 2013 – Milan, Bodrum Biennial, Deptford X, London, UK
Structural changes to art 2020 -A new space of Art, Developing a space for the 21sr Century. ironarts online events, Talk at Rasheed Araeen
This Historic Moment Critique and response to the victory of Neoliberalism] 2017 – List exhibitions – Bucharest 2014/15, Ngbk, Odessa Biennial
A New language of Art [Critique and response to Neoliberalism + idea for exiting art and establishing a new space] – 2017 – 5 Years Gallery, London, UK
Granulation – Rebuilding the Body of Art [Exiting Neoliberalism and establishing a new space for art] – 51zero Festival 2019
Delivering Obsolescence [Examining the conditions of Capitalist/Neoliberal art] 2016 – One person show with Camilla, Odessa Biennial 2017
Cultural Temporal Looping – 2017 – Odessa Biennial – Critique of Neoliberalism and aesthetic of Post Autonomy – materials and site to think and embody art
The Transformation of Art 1 & 2, 2013, 2014, Rethinking Biennials. Caspian Sea Biennial – Breaking Colonisation through art [Neocolonisation] Changing the structure of art and rethinking the role of participatory practices as participating cultures. .
The scenarios of Post Autonomy, Milan, 2013, Vanabbemuseum, Serpentine, Representing and combining a plan of a Gallery over a plan of a Biennial
The limits and failure of participatory practices. A venue as a production site – Floor Drawing, Vanabbemuseum, Belgrade, Netwerk
Mobile Documenta 2010. Post Autonomy as a critique of Biennials and Globalisation of Contemporary Art. Chisenhale Studios, Milan, Venice, Baku
Post Autonomy as a Critique of Biennials and Globalisation. [ an art without art] Istanbul Biennial, Mongolia
Participatory Practices continued, Handing over art and positions to other people, breaking down social hierarchies, breaking down the authorial role. Platforms, A Space to dream and think, New York, Netwerk, Belgium, http, London wide project
Tate Modern 2002
Participatory Practices, Authorship, exchanging positions. Cologne Kunstverein 2000 –
Homeless Projects.. Rethinking the role and place of art. Dislocating the position of art and reimagining and locating different spaces for art, and its reimagining art. 1998, London Flat, Mota Gallery, Curating Degree Zero 2003 – 08 Global tour.
Participatory Practices. Arm Bands, 1994, London, Hamburg, Host, Tramway, Glasgow – 1998
Complete victory and contamination of every part of life and the Globe by Capitalism, everything has been captured by photography. Cling Film works series. Microwaves & Frozen Stills., Museum of Installation, Archaeology of Silence, Flexible Response, Exhibition London and Bath
Examining the structure of Art – 50X50X50X50, Arm Bands, ICA conference on curating
The Politics of Art, What is the role of art after the Cold war? The political role of Contemporary art, Neo-colonialism, the total Colonisation of the Globe by the West and technology as defined and analysed by Heidegger]
The Rituals of Modern Art 1987, Kingsgate studios, Kilburn, London, UK

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