Granulation – Online and Public Art Project

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  • Pt 1
  • New Geographies
  • New Histories
  • Introduction
  • Invitation
  • The Body of Art
  • Rebuilding the Body of Art
  • A New language of Art
  • Pt 2
  • Online
  • List of Contributors
  • List of material
  • Pt 3
    Installations examining the material
    Date and location of installations
Map showing the Towns taking part in this years 51zero Festival, Rochester and Canterbury
Photo of the Undercroft covered area of the Guildhall Museum, Rochester High street, Rochester, Kent, UK

[photoblocks id=1]

List of Contributors:

Steven Wong

Lise Autogena

Karl Ingar Roy

Azedin EI Ouafi

Rajath Suri

Ana Cavic

Sally Kindberg

Bruce A. Barber

Vesna Petresin

Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield

Tuguldur Yondonjamts

Md Jafar Iqbal

Maggie Roberts/OD

Nikita Kadan

Clunie Reid

Examples of Far East Asian Art–art-from-the-malay-archipelago–indonesia,-malaysia,-philippines-and-singapore-/

Project by Steven Wong – Blind Spot: Art from the Malay Archipelago Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

Please download images and remake your own work

and send a copy of your new version back to me so l can upload it here on the website

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