America is the best form of Marxism, Herbert Read Gallery

Installation shots of Herbert Read Gallery “America is the best form of Marxism” after a quote by Kojeve, exhibition. Including details showing Kojeve’s selected photos from archive, charting the end of history in the 1950’s and the role of art after philosophy, in the form of a Richard Prince work, with text “Humans revert back to being animals and speaking like insects at the End of History”. Two identical round tables, Tee-shirt with text caught in a loop, on Dummy, ReadyMades Belong to Everyone, Morag Kiel and Georgie Nettle “Fascism of everyday Life”, Bioswap, Painting by Dan Rees “A good idea is a good idea, after De Kooning, Wall drawings based on the Herbert Read Gallery Archives 2000-2019, Posters and Press Releases 2000-2019.


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