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Debate between David Goldenberg and Ricardo Basbaum

Please join the debate with Ricardo Basbaum which will be taking place via chatroom on Post Autonomy website on Saturday from 16:00 – 20:00.
To participate in this debate you need to register on the post autonomy website.

A debate between Ricardo Basbaum, David Goldenberg and guests

4pm (London time) Saturday 2nd February

To launch a new series of debates in the post autonomy website chat room the Brazilian artist Ricardo Basbaum, who took part in last years Documenta, will talk about recent concepts of participatory practices, including the use of participatory practices in his own work.

The series of debates is intended to build up a coherent understanding of participatory practices in on-line practices, post autonomy and collaborative texts.

Everyone is welcome to take part and propose ideas for future sessions.

For further information, a complete programme of debates, and technical information please refer to the post autonomy website.

Ricardo Basbaum (b. 1961) lives in Rio de Janeiro (BR).
The artist, curator and author Autor Ricardo Basbaum has focused his work on social and interpersonal relationships and has developed a communicative framework which enables the circulation of actions and forms. Using diagrams, drawings, texts, and installations, he creates interactions in which unique personal experience of those carrying out actions and those beholding such actions are an important aspect.

His recent project Would you like to participate in an artistic experience? was exhibited at Documenta 12 last year. Working in an apprentice workshop in Kassel, initiated by the exhibition advisory council at the documenta 12, 20 steel objects were created as a necessary part of this social sculpture. The striking rectangle with slanted corners and a round hold in the middle embodies the modern destiny of form — 19 of the 20 steel objects migrated through households and meeting places across three continents, including such cities as Kassel, Ljubljana, Mexico City and Dakar. They were altered by successive and temporary owners and changed themselves. The visits of the sculptures were documented and the 20th object exhibited at Documenta 12.

Post Autonomy website is part of a project initiated by David Goldenberg, promoting a discourse on the concept of Post Autonomy.

Hope to see some of you there.

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