“The time for postautonomy is now”


David Goldenberg (in collaboration with Geraldine Allen)





Description of the project




Photographic mapping

Installation documentation



A Project for the
Istanbul Biennial



The project speculates about a space outside or beyond the
space of a Euro-centric tradition of art.



The project sought to bring together a number of
propositions to situate the role of a Euro-centric tradition of art in
relationship to the expanded context for art i.e. Globalisation.



Principal proposition



If it is not possible to think about the relationship of a
Euro-centric tradition of art to Globalisation then it is necessary to
establish a zone outside or beyond that tradition in order to address and
resolve this relationship.


This is equivalent to developing a new model of art, yet no
new model of art has been introduced since the inception of a Euro-centric


Therefore we have to say this zone is unknown and for that
matter how we understand the attributes of material generated in that zone is
equally unknown.




A framework/template/platform
that is used to generate material for an art work



  • To be installed during the course of the time/frame
    of the exhibition
  • Material generated during the course of the
  • The set up initiates a series of
    trajectories/processes that can be taken up and used by multiple users,



All the material generated during
the course of the event constitutes the final work.



The project



For the Istanbul Biennial that
set out to examine contemporary art against the backdrop of a global context –
I wanted to address the history of recent international art shows – the
function of international art events to export European art and values to non-European
culture. The constant declared intention for a contemporary European practice
to break with that role and find another role. So far it appears that this new
role has proved elusive.


For that reason I proposed a
solution a space outside the existing tradition where it is possible for people
from different cultures to come together to negotiate another model of art.



I suggested the following work



A taped off area that I declared
functioned as a zone beyond a Euro-centric tradition of art



Material generated during the event



On site




A new audio/visual work produced by Geraldine Allen



Off site


Online discussions

Website material



Photographic documentation and sound recordings





Ideas for a performance

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