Art Bank, Food Bank, Technology Bank

One person show at Villa Caprile, Pesaro, Italy

Curated by Camilla Boemio with AAC Platform


Sponsored by Ioana Pioaru and Sistemi2000 Srl


In 2 parts: installation as an archaeology of the conditions  for staging art today and a found Press release.



Grouping together a wide range of elements car delivering materials View of obsolete technology from the side jpgblack bin liner, art works, archaeological finds s

Large waste bin View of central technology stack- developing an idea of a technology bank



Found press release



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Forthcoming Projects

1. European Promise, a project by Jochen Gertz, November 2015

2. 20th June Art against austerity, as part of the protest against austerity, London, UK

3. 2015 Spatialisation of Art, PV 21st June, CNM, National Gallery of Macedonia

4. Tolerance and forbearance 2nd International Bodrum  Biennial 12th September – 12th November 2015, with  Mounir Fatmi, Djawid C. Borower, Triny Prada, , Elisabeth Penker, David Mabb

Full list-

5. DEPTFORD CONVERSATIONS, Curated by Janette Parris. DEPTFORD X: London’s Contemporary Art Festival . 25 th September – 4 th October

Paul Noble, Georgina Starr, Simon Patterson, Lucy Gunning, Catherine Yass, Elizabeth Wright, Bridget Smith, Neal Tait, Sarah Dobai, Jessica Voorsanger, Brian Dawn Chalkley, Alison Jones, Ruth Maclennan, Kimathi Donkor, Judith Dean, Tony Rickaby, Cullinan Richards, Jemima Stehli, Mike Stubbs, Nicola McCartney, Jane Draper, Richard Kirwan, Sadie Murdoch, Erika Winstone, Alison Gill, Mark Dean, Arnaud Desjaurdin, Cecille Emmanuelle Borra, Robert Ellis, Kaye Donachie, Edward McCool, Lolly Batty, Steven Appleby, Marion Coutts, Karin Ruggaber, Rachael House, Dawn Mellor and Jason Oddy.

6.  OUR GLOBE OUR DREAM, WHAT IF? Projecting our dream for the world, our reality in the future.   MARINA MORENO & ART-E-MOTION.

7.Archive of Artists’ Publishing: BookBlast‏. Banner repeater. Launch Whitechapel Gallery, Late September. The exact date and location in the gallery will be posted soon.

8. October Exhibition and book publication, Chelsea school of art, London, UK [Further information to follow]

9. Project with Jan-Hendrik Pelz. [Date and further info will follow shortly]

16. New text that I assisted with for Reflektor –

17. New article –




new work in the national museum of macedonia




Uros Djuric, Ines Efremova, Dijana Bogdanovska, Ilina Cholak, Pavel Pavelka, Irmak Donmez, Dilyana Stoimenova

Fitore Isufi – Koja, Maureen Bachaus, Kushtrim Zeqiri, OPA, Duygu Sezgin, Chrissie Barrows

Ana Lazarevska, Bekim Korca, Iceberg Fernandez, Jeton Muja, Maureen Bachaus, Ioana Pioaru, David Goldenberg, Brigita Antoni, Katarina Bunushevac

Celebrating 25 years of Existence of the Art colony Galichnik

In collaboration with Skopje Summer Festival (Скопско лето)

Art Colony Galicnik from the very beginning in 1990 has been following the current developments in visual arts with participation of Macedonian and above all international artists where in the ambient of the western part of Macedonia, in the Reka region, works of art are created that remain as Macedonian cultural heritage and artistic treasure. One of the characteristics of Galicnik Art Colony is that it continuously follows the current happenings in art, especially the art of new visual practices emerging in the last ten years, and is one of the few in the region and beyond where artists work in non-traditional artistic mediums i.e. they work in the so-called new media art, so it can rightly be said that this colony can carry the title multimedia art center.
The joining of the artists is well known from the period of impressionism and painting in the open – plein-air, which can be said is the precursor of the organization of the today’s art colonies. The term colony in the past (and even today in some parts of the world) is/was a gathering of people outside their territory, as a means of spreading the power of the imperialist countries… The power of the international art colonies consists of joining of artists from different parts of the world and creation of artistic and utopian state in time without political or provisional authority, governed by the ideology of creativity, where opinions, theories, work and experiences in the field of visual arts are exchanged and disseminated. Seen from a historical, geopolitical and socio-cultural aspect, Galicnik Art Colony as a projection of the authoritarian rule of the concepts and the ideas of and about art is experiencing the need for anesthetizing the world around us, which is imperative to art. The colonization of art in this regard is beneficial in our society making this art colony or workshop one of the most important socio-cultural phenomena present in Macedonia, the region and beyond.
During the last three years in Galicnik have created young artists from Macedonia (Ana Lazarevska, Dijana Bogdanovska, Ines Efremova, Ilina Cholak…), from the region; Europe and the rest of the world (Chrissie Burrows, Dilyana Stoimenova, Duygu Sezgin, Irmak Donmez, Jeton Muja, Maureen Bachaus, Pavel Pavelka, Uros Djuric etc.) in various media: conceptual photography, digital art, video, performance, comic book… where artists guided by their conceptual vocation have left works which enrich the fund and the production of works of art of the contemporary visual artistic expression in Macedonia.

Gorancho Gjorgjievski

Between Revolution and Heresy

IMG_2920I will give a reading of my text Between Revolution and Heresy on the 6th February at Buro Westaustellung, Vienna, Austria.




Be­ginn 06. Fe­bru­ar 2015, 19 Uhr


Pra­ter­stra­ße 42, 1020 Wien

BÜRO WELT­AUS­STEL­LUNG Stie­ge 1 / Mez­za­nin


Mo–Fr 14.00–18.00
& nach Ver­ein­ba­rung

Da­vid Gol­den­berg
“Re­vo­lu­ti­on and Here­sy”

“Sin­ce I will be dis­cus­sing, throughout this text, the term Post Au­to­no­my [I will use the ab­bre­via­ti­on PA for Post Au­to­no­my], which is pro­bab­ly un­fa­mi­li­ar to many peo- ple, I need to pro­vi­de a ba­sic ge­nea­lo­gy and de­fi­ni­ti­on. At this point, all I want to say is that the term was in­ven­ted in the 1970s in re­s­pon­se to Barthes’ ”The De­ath of the Aut­hor” and re­vi­ved in the 1990s as an al­ter­na­ti­ve term for and cri­tique of Post Mo­der­nism. Se­veral aut­hors in­ter- pret the term Post Au­to­no­my to si­gnal “af­ter art”, or “the end” or “com­ple­ti­on of Au­to­no­my”.”

Da­vid Gol­den­berg, Bet­ween Re­vo­lu­ti­on and Here­sy, 2014


Our recent books and other texts can now be seen at The Townhouse, Cairo, Egypt

The Digital Resource Library is a collection of readings, publications and surveys written on the
developments in e-book production. This parallel line of book making consequently drives publishers,
authors and readers into a new culture of disseminating and absorbing information.A selection of e – books inviting the public to experience artists’ and writer’s experimentations with this multimedia platform will also be on display in The Digital Resource Library space. This collection will remain a permanent and growing section of Townhouse’s Library Space, as an accessible center for information, collaboration and public contribution.
The library will be open to the public as of March 16, 2014.
… عن انتاج و نشر و قراءة الكتب الرقميةمكتبة المورد الرقمي هي مجموعة من القراءات، المطبوعاتو الدراسات المكتوبة عن التطورات في مجال انتاج الكتبالإلكترونية، مما يجذب الناشرين، الكُتاب و القراء إلى ثقافةجديدة لتناول و تلقي المعلومات.ستتضمن المكتبة مجموعة مختارة من الكتب الإلكترونيةتدعو العامة لخوض التجربة التي قام بها الفنان و الكاتبمع هذه المنصة متعددة الوسائط. ستشغل هذه المجموعة
قسماً دائماًو متزايداً في مكتبة تاون هاوس ليكون مركزاًمتاحاً للمعلومات و التعاون و المشاركة العامة.سوف تفتتح المكتبة للعامة من يوم 16 م٢٠١٤ .مشروع تعاون بين دينا كفافي و جاليري تاون هاوس)القاهرة(، شبكة الخدمات الاعلامية الدولية لحقوقالانسان )السويد(، برلينربول شبكة الفنون + أرشيفالمحمول )برلين( بمشاركة آرت ترانسبوندر )برلين(.يقام هذا المشروع كجزء من برنامج معهد جوتهفي إطار شراكة التحول الألمانية المصرية التونسيةو التي يدعمها مكتب العلاقات الخارجية لجمهوريةألمانيا الاتحادي.لمزيد من المعلومات و للحصول على جدول الفعالياتيرجة متابعتنا على: digitalresourcelibrary
في حالة وجود أسئلة يرجى الكتابة إلى
تاون هاوس | ١٠ شارع النبراوي متفرع من شارع شمبليون | وسط البلد | القاهرة
A project of Dina Kafafi in collaboration with Townhouse (Cairo), International Media Network
Services for Human Rights (Sweden), berlinerpool arts network+mobile archive (Berlin) in cooperation with arttransponder (Berlin). This project falls within the frame of the Goethe
Institut’s German-Egyptian-Tunisian Transformation Partnership, sponsored by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.
For news and schedule of events follow us
For further queries email:

Lecture at Pavilion1463713_795292577164384_673823409_n
In search of Post Autonomy
Dec 1st, 2013 – The World  in a box [a bitter sweet Salon] pop up  group exhibition of 60 artists, curated by Peter Fillingham, Margate, Kent, UK
The Transformation of Art 2 - Shift in cultural power

October 2013 Caspian Sea Biennial Convention, Baku, Azerbaijan October 5th – 10th Artists

Back to Future | Beuys, Castella, Chiari, Joffe, Goldenberg, Guidi, Marrapodi, Mittica 



DSC00087     The Transformation of art - 100 panels        In search of Post Autonomy       P1120389  View of Container image     Participating Cultures wall - printed text and hand written texts        Participating cultures - screen + text in chalk on wall       route Detail from the Transformation of Art installation map, ship details and panelstext and map of veniceAnother view of the Container port image showing its scaleDocumenta visualisation venice_print_final








The Scenarios of Post Autonomy


David Goldenberg in discussion during the opening of the show

In Search of Post Autonomy

New video on the performance in Milan published by Artribune TV

milano/#la mostra personale di David Goldenberg, The Scenarios of Post Autonomy alla galleria Glenda Cinquegrana: The Studio dal 18 settembre al 18 ottobre 2012 vista dalle telecamere del programma ARTV del canale CLASS CNBC.

A broadcast on the show goes out on  Saturday the 6th of October on Class Cnbc






Texts & Scripts, A short History of Post Autonomy, MD 1,2 & 3

“Mobile Documenta”

in collaboration with Ioana Pioaru

Towards A Topology of Post Autonomy – a new visualisation by Ioana Pioaru of a note book by David Goldenberg produced in 2009

Mobile Documenta 1,2 & 3 – collected small catalogues, texts and images from 3 shows 2009 – 2011

A short history of Post Autonomy – this includes a brief history of  the term and sources for Post Autonomy 1970’s to 2010, and a chronology of projects examining Post Autonomy from 1999 – 2012

Texts and scripts – recent texts 2007 – 2012 – material produced since the Istanbul Biennial in 2007, texts for the Mongolian Biennial 2010, Conference in Baku in 2011, Conference at the Arts depot, Vienna, Austria, in 2010 and an unpublished text for an unrealised project in India in 2009/10.






 Visualization of a 2009 notebook “Towards a Topology of Post Autonomy”

The Transformation of Art

Which contains a selection of 24 colour A4 digital images of floor texts and drawings from the Vanabbemuseum 2009 and ITS-1 Belgrade 2010, Boxed with embossed title

Mobile Documenta

Collected booklets and book with CD and installation shots and posters, boxed with embossed title

Installation shots from glenda-cinquegrana-the-studio-milan

Visualising Post Autonomy as a discourse on Globalisation, Colonisations and Biennials 

Testing out claims made about art

Tracing a route towards thinking and language through resoving the inherent contradictions at the heart of Modernism i.e. A Euro centric tradition


Assembling an idea of a Mobile Documenta using containers as Pavilions












The scenarios of Post Autonomy 2

Using the exhibition as a backdrop for thinking + floor drawings and discussions




in search of PA


intuitive map of palazzo isimbardi

global map


Performance – In Search of Post Autonomy

Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan, November 25th 2012


Post Autonomy within Post Autonomy

New article on Post Autonomy in Ari