This website replaces the previous site which had technical problems, material from that site along with the previous site will be merged into the current sites as soon as possible.

The key ambition of the new set of sites is to address the existing understanding of Post Autonomy, at a time when we are clearly living within the context of the conditions or symptoms of Post Autonomy, attacks against what we understand by the orthodoxy of art and civil liberties. So within this context how do we understand the space of Post Autonomy and build towards a language of Post Autonomy?

Do we understand Post Autonomy in art as a replication or condoning of these conditions, as an embodiment of the collapse of art? Or does the implication of Post Autonomy suggest something completely different? We believe Post Autonomy doesn’t condone this breakdown, but the clarity of existing within this condition, and clarifies more than ever the necessity for going on with continuing to develop Post Autonomy. So that the set of conditions that sparked off the initial intuition of Post Autonomy,  has led to this fundamental attack on art and its institutions,  and it is within this complexity that the language and logic require to be discovered and constructed. In other words, there is an appearance of fundamental change and the project of Post Autonomy speaks about fundamental change, and it is here that the actual potentiality of Post Autonomy lies.

The thread of ideas that are developed on this site take their departure from the 2007 Istanbul Biennial with the Post Autonomy now 1 project, the series of issues this raised i.e. the material set of problems in materializing a project examining Post Autonomy within the existing framework of art. This project triggered projects by Osbourne and Esche to develop new thinking into the attributes of Post Autonomy. It is after this date that any thinking about Post Autonomy is recognized as including thinking about the larger infra structure of art whether Biennials, Documenta, Globalisation, and Colonisation. The site also acknowledges the shift from analyzing Participation as a route into understanding Post Autonomy onto understanding Post  Autonomy itself. While the role of participatory art still remains highly important, and differentiates more clearly than ever what constitutes a fascistic practice and what does not, the role of participation has shifted from individual participation to Cultural and National participation in constructing the language of Post Autonomy, which is intended to signal a fundamental break with Euro Centric practices.

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