The new Conservative revolution in Art Part 2

New text for The New Art Examiner March Edition

Polemical text and review of “Entangled Pasts 1768 – now – Art, Colonialism and change” at the Royal Academy of Art, London, UK for The New Art Examiner

I decided to use the current show at The Royal Academy as a material concrete model to expand my thinking to understand “The Conservative Revolution in Art” and Neoliberalism, specifically Neoliberal institutions and Neoliberal art, through clarifying and expanding new concepts to rethink and update “PostAutonomy”, “A critique of Total


Fusion art center, Padova, Italy Show that art is not a mere tool of propaganda in the hands of power, by reclaiming this medium of expression of dissent and the fight against economic and cultural hegemony.

Post Cards for Palestine Prague & London

Exhibition Prague and London December 2023 View of exhibition in Prague Posters Website Contribution


Series of protype posters 2023-24 A collaborative project with Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield In proximity to power. Which work, methodology and strategy works under the current circumstances Text work and collage/digital prints Examining the language & concepts that frame precisely current conditions of arriving in a situation of complete defeat, without

Collision: Revising the Concept of Post Autonomy

Rupturing Colonialism. 2020-24 Introduction to collected screen captures 2013 -24 plotting the trajectory of Neoliberalism towards the formation of a new reality and subjectivity Re-conceptualisation of Post Autonomy – Critique of Total Power Cultural/Temporal Loop Installation designs in sketch up


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Collision. Breaking the Colonial mind, thinking and acts. Examining options available today “to engage or leave”. Art as a critique of Colonial, Capitalist and Neoliberal conditions or exodus from these conditions into a new space. 2020 –Screen Captures . Critique of Total Power, The role of art as an understanding

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