Conferences & Lectures

Conference speaker 

2015 Chelsea School of Art Anniversary, London, UK 

2014 National Museum of Contemporary art, Bucharest, Romania. Dispositions in time and space, Conference 

2013 Artist Union, Baku, Azerbaijan Thinking beyond Biennials Conference 

2012 Centre of Contemporary art, Baku, Developing Biennials. Skype debate  

2011 Centre of Contemporary art, Baku, Azerbaijan. What is a Biennial? 

2003 Conference inside a forklift truck. Organised by T1 & 2, Atlantis Gallery, London, UK 

1999 ICA Curating post institutions in collaboration with Anna Harding. London, UK 

Lecturing and talks in galleries and Museums 

1994. Lecture on Flexible Response, a show that I curated, for F-stop, Bath, UK 

1997. Lecture on Martin, a show I curated with Daiwa funding, at the Daiwa Anglo Japanese foundation, London, UK 

1998. Lecture on my work at the Dziekanka Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 

Lecture on Martin a show I curated at Waygood gallery, Newcastle, UK 

Lecture on Martin for the Catalyst Film club, Belfast, Northern Ireland 

Lecture on Martin for Catalyst Arts and MA fine art students Belfast school of art, Belfast Northern Ireland 

Homeless talks 1-4, 30 Paris House, Bethnal Green, London, UK 

1999 Talks 1 -5 at the Mota Gallery on Homeless projects, London, UK 

Feb ICA off site talk at the Mota Gallery on the Homeless project, London, UK  

April 15th Chaired a discussion on “Cultural Pluralism, the politics of difference in Urban mapping, The South London Gallery, London, UK 


March 26 Lecture on Recent work, Multi-trudi, Frankfurt, Germany 

May 13 Lecture on recent work, Schnittaustellungsraum, Koln, Germany 

June 10 Text for Iniva’s Lecture on Dirty Spaces, London, UK 

Nov 23 Gallery talk on Brice Marden’s paintings at the Serpentine Gallery, London, UK 

Dec 9 What’s to be done? Organised by Wolfgang Zingl, Wockenclauser, Lecture on recent activist and interventionist practices, Depot, Vienna, Austria 

2001 26 September Talk and symposium Think tank: steps towards establishing a Post Autonomous practice, Museum of Modern art, Arnhem, NL 

2003 April Conference on a forklift truck, London, UK. Discussion on issues raised by the work of Gustav Metzger, Atlantis Gallery, organised by T1 & T2 Lecture How to materialise a post autonomous practice? 

11. 2003 Survival kit, NIFCA, Helsinki, Finland Materialising a Post Autonomous Practice? 

6.5 2004 Talk during the show STRUKTUR, artists network, New York, NY, USA 

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