Residency and Exhibition with MSDM 2020-21

A Long term residency and research at MSDM. Research into the history of MSDM, mapping existing work and history of the current location and program, and MSDM as a synthesis of institutional critique, ideas that develop on from ideas developed for the Herbert Read Gallery exhibition, and forward to an exhibition looking at site specific and institutional critique.

When the Globe is Home

Exhibition extended until end of February 2021

Fondazione Imago Mundi is pleased to introduce When the Globe is Home, the new exhibition with which Gallerie delle Prigioni will recommence its activities.

Curated by Claudio Scorretti and Irina Ungureanu, the exhibition brings together works – many of which are being shown for the first time – by 13 international artists selected from the Imago Mundi Art Theorema collections, to explore the ongoing contemporary mediation between global and local, near and far, the collective and the individual: between “Home” and “the World”. When the Globe is Home, which will run until 29th November, continues the exploration of and dialogue among contemporary visual cultures by the Imago Mundi art project promoted by Luciano Benetton. Conceived and partially staged before the outbreak of the global pandemic (the inauguration date was originally planned for 31st March), the recent shared lockdown experience affords a new evocative power to the central idea of this exhibition that specularly connects the world and home. In the design of the exhibition, each of the individual “cells” that make up Gallerie delle Prigioni – the former Habsburg prison restored by the architect Tobia Scarpa – has been conceived as a “home”, an intimate and familiar space in which the artists can express, distil or expand their vision. The climate emergency, sustainability, social transformations of cities, migrations and new aesthetic sensitivities, new encounters, experiences, and the acceleration of contemporary globality are some of the themes addressed by the 13 artists. A concept that emerges with particular energy and creative passion is the figuration of a “new home”: of loss, discovery, reconstruction.

Art Theorema is a continuation of the research and promotion of the artistic talents in Imago Mundi; it integrates the over 150 collections dedicated to the nations and native communities of five continents. This first collection, Art Theorema#1, presents 231 works by 203 artists from 104 countries.

From Europe to the Caribbean, from African countries to Australia, from Canada to Central Asia, Art Theorema traces the kaleidoscopic and colourful portrait of the local artistic expressions that, all together and faithful to the pluralistic principles of the art of Imago Mundi, contribute to the formation of a global scenario of contemporary art.

America is the best form of Marxism, Herbert Read Gallery

Installation shots of Herbert Read Gallery “America is the best form of Marxism” after a quote by Kojeve, exhibition. Including details showing Kojeve’s selected photos from archive, charting the end of history in the 1950’s and the role of art after philosophy, in the form of a Richard Prince work, with text “Humans revert back to being animals and speaking like insects at the End of History”. Two identical round tables, Tee-shirt with text caught in a loop, on Dummy, ReadyMades Belong to Everyone, Morag Kiel and Georgie Nettle “Fascism of everyday Life”, Bioswap, Painting by Dan Rees “A good idea is a good idea, after De Kooning, Wall drawings based on the Herbert Read Gallery Archives 2000-2019, Posters and Press Releases 2000-2019.

Granulation – Online and Public Art Project

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Map showing the Towns taking part in this years 51zero Festival, Rochester and Canterbury
Photo of the Undercroft covered area of the Guildhall Museum, Rochester High street, Rochester, Kent, UK

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List of Contributors:

Steven Wong

Lise Autogena

Karl Ingar Roy

Azedin EI Ouafi

Rajath Suri

Ana Cavic

Sally Kindberg

Bruce A. Barber

Vesna Petresin

Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield

Tuguldur Yondonjamts

Md Jafar Iqbal

Maggie Roberts/OD

Nikita Kadan

Clunie Reid

Examples of Far East Asian Art–art-from-the-malay-archipelago–indonesia,-malaysia,-philippines-and-singapore-/

Project by Steven Wong – Blind Spot: Art from the Malay Archipelago Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

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D.Goldenberg selected work 1989 – 2013

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Post Autonomy




Text on Post Autonomy Parts 1 & 2 Between Revolution and Heresy

PAVILION 17  Reader of Bucharest Bianniale 


Short history of Post Autonomy


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Published and unpublished texts and lectures 2007 – 12  examining Post Autonomy

Presented in Mongolia; Baku, Azerbaijan; Arts Depot, Vienna, Austria; TS-1, Belgrade, Serbia





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The transformation of art, text for Venice Biennial 2013


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